Meet the Staff!

Meet the Staff: Kinsey

Here we go- Meet the Staff Monday! And we have a special treat for you this week- meet Kinsey! You probably see a lot of her since these days she is a little bit of a workaholic… Kinsey is actually our “Merchandising Specialist” and kills it with inventory placement and display vignettes. She is also a VERY talented photographer- so make sure you follow her on Instagram: @kinseyand

Tell us a little bit about you and your background: I’m originally from Seattle but I moved to the good ol 208 about 4 years ago. I love rainy weather. I own 37 black and white striped articles of clothing. I’m left-handed and I hate cilantro.

What is your favorite part about working at Paperie + Pen? My bosses are (kinda) cool and it’s just a fun environment to be in in general! We always got the tunes bumpin and our card section is #onfleek. What more could you ask for besides Kanye West greeting you at the door? (We really need to work on that)

When you are not working, what do you enjoy doing in your free time? I love taking pictures, stalking cute boys on Instagram, hiking, (trying) to learn Ukulele, shopping, and going to coffee downtown.

What are 4 superficial things you can’t live without? Anthro candles, man buns, my iPhone, and Spotify.

Favorite P+P vendor and why: Bando all the way! I have their Florabunda planner and it makes me smile every time I use it. All of their stuff is super quirky and bright. It’s like a party.

Favorite Restaurant in the Boise Area: 36 Street Bistro and Juniper are two of my faves. Super good food and locally owned, holler!

Favorite Movie: A 3-way-tie between Hot Rod, Juno, and Great Gatsby.

Favorite Song/Singer/Band: Slyvan Esso is a rad band. Their tunes are rockin. Specifically their song “Coffee”. They even let me take their photos once when they came to Boise!

Favorite Thing(s) to order from Starbucks: coconut milk lattes and chai’s

Favorite TV Shows: The Office, New Girl, Catfish, Bachelor in Paradise

Favorite Celebrity Crush: Michael Cera–lol

What is your best on-hand joke? I don’t believe in jokes. Everything is a serious matter all of the time.

Sum yourself up in a hashtag: #DontBeMadCauseImDoinMeBetterThanYouDoinYou


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