FALLAPALOOZA ::: this Saturday!

Shop over 60 local different vendors.
The perfect time for treating yourself, stocking up on some fall decor, or getting some early Christmas shopping done! Paperie + Pen (and some of the other participants) will giving a portion of sales to the Women’s & Children Alliance! 

Eat and drink local.
Featuring Boise’s homegrown Hawthorne Beverage Catering Co. and a variety of locally based food vendors. Don’t forget to grab some fall favorites such as seasonal wines, brews, and a variety of fall-themed eats.

Kids Carnival Games
Our kids carnival will be featuring simple kids carnival games  with a kooky whimsical twist. Games are available to play for donation. A great way to let the kiddos have fun and show some love to the WCA.

Live Entertainment
Featuring local musicians, dance groups, and actors donating their time and talent to entertain and raise awareness of domestic violence here in the valley.
Make sure to give em a smile and maybe a buck or two. A line up will be posted mid September.

Prize Giveways
Make sure to stop by our prize booth!

Pie Eatin’ Contest
At Fallapalooza we are happy to encourage a positive relationship with pie for a great cause! Pie eatin’ will start at 2:30pm on stage. Spaces are available.
You can show your love for pie and the WCA and sign up HERE

Connect and Get Educated
Several volunteers and trained professionals from the WCA wil be present to talk about their outreach program, volunteer options, and more!
Also, check out this amazing book with personal stories of surviving domestic abuse and finally finding a way out of it:
If you’d like to discuss a personal issue, please ask to speak to a trained professional.

More information at:


Sarah Pearl Studio Calligraphy Workshops are back for Fall!

New calligraphy workshop dates are on the books!

We’ve gotten such a wonderful response from our Sarah Pearl workshops- we decided that we better offer more classes this winter! This is a beginner class for those who are ready to dive into the basics of modern calligraphy. You will receive a workbook, pen holder, nibs, and a jar of ink to get started on your letter-drawing journey!

Already taken one of our Sarah Pearl Studio classes? We are now offering a discounted rate ($50) if you are looking to take the class again and work on your technique with Sarah! Sales associates will verify prior to booking.

Classes fill up quickly and we have very limited space to ensure enough attention to each student. Fee must be paid for in order to reserve space. All class fees are non-refundable. 

Call us today! Paperie + Pen at the Village at Meridian: 208.888.7786

Meet the Staff!

Meet the staff: Lindsey!

Meet Lindsey! You may not see her on the sales floor much, she is more of our behind-the-scenes worker bee! She helps us a lot with our custom invitation assembly and window displays. She is also the vendor for our super rad log succulent planters! When this busy lady isn’t ribbon-tying, paper-folding, and succulent-planting, she is a full time high school art teacher AND a mama of 3 of the cutest little girls in town (2 of which, are twins)! 

Tell us a little bit about you and your background:
I have always been drawn to crafty creative projects from as long as I can remember. I am a high school art teacher, blogger, crafty, mommy, & Pinterest addict!!! I have 3 daughters that keep me very busy but allow me to create pretty little things for them.

What is your favorite part about working at Paperie + Pen?
Love seeing all the different products come in and displayed so beautifully. Working on invitation production is always fun to see the different styles, designs, and details.

When your are not working, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Working at the school, anthropologie, spending time with my family, or trying to squeeze in a craft or two.

What are 4 superficial things you can’t live without?
Phone, Pinterest, camera, colorful pens

Favorite P+P vendor and why: obviously I love Darling collections (that’s my little craft business) and Bitty Threads

Favorite Restaurant in the Boise Area: don’t get I go out too much but if i can go to eat without children it’s Barbacoa for sure…if we have the $$ for it.

Favorite Movie: I can watch any Disney movie and still love every second of it!

Favorite Song/Singer/Band: Taylor Swift, not even gonna lie. I like pretty much all female country singers.

Favorite Thing(s) to order from Starbucks: I don’t go to Starbucks… don’t like coffee…weird I know!

Favorite TV Shows: Parenthood!! Nashville!

Favorite Celebrity Crush: cliché I know but Channing Tatum.

What is your best on-hand joke? I hear this a lot so it’s funny to me: Oh your not busy are you??

Sum yourself up in a hashtag: #crazycraftymommy

Meet the Staff!

Meet the staff: Amy!

Meet Amy! She is one of our ‘new girls’…in that Nichole still hasn’t made her a name tag. Although she may be quiet and have no on-hand jokes, this girl is pretty dang funny. She is always wearing the most adorable footwear and has this gorgeously-effortless simplistic thing going about her that I couldn’t even try to replicate. Don’t even ask her to be friends on facebook, because she’s anti-social-network, so she will probably never even read these nice things we have to say about her. We love us some Amy, and you will too–

Tell us a little bit about you and your background: Born and raised in Boise. Lived in Seattle for a hot minute after high school but glad to be back home

What is your favorite part about working at Paperie + Pen? My favorite part about working at P+P is being just as passionate about the product as the customers are. Every time new merchandise comes in, it’s like Christmas!

When your are not working, what do you enjoy doing in your free time? I don’t really have free time anymore because I just went back to college full-time after a 10 year hiatus (yikes) so when I’m not working I’m either doing homework or I’ve fallen asleep reading my textbooks. My favorite part of every day is seeing my pup after a long day.

What are 4 superficial things you can’t live without? My shoes, Garance Dore blog, Pinterest, Starbucks

Favorite P+P vendor and why: Favorite P+P vendor would have to be a tie between Garance Dore (I love her style so much!) and Rifle Paper. I love the French, nostalgic and classic vibe from both.

Favorite Restaurant in the Boise Area: My favorite restaurant around town is Red Feather. Their brunch is the best and I love their patio scene.

Favorite Movie: Favorite movie is a tie between When Harry Met Sally and the Bones Brigade documentary

Favorite Song/Singer/Band:  Favorite all-time singer is Tom Petty (I actually had a dream about hanging out with him last night haha – not in a creepy way though)

Favorite Thing(s) to order from Starbucks:  My go-to Starbucks drink is a Tall Coconut milk Latte

Favorite TV Shows: I love all types of TV shows but my favorites are the ones I can nerd out watching (PBS, John Oliver, Dateline) oh and CBS Sunday Morning (I’m basically an 80 yr old woman)

Favorite Celebrity Crush: Tom Hardy

What is your best on-hand joke? I have no jokes, eep!

Sum yourself up in a hashtag: #PizzaForLife



Meet the Staff: Meiken!

Meet Meiken (pronounced “MY-KIN”)- she is our go-to gal for all the *what’s happenin’s* in the store. She keeps us all on track and is pretty much solely responsible for any part of us that can be considered “organized.”  The answer to almost any question can be: “Ask Meiken”

We love you girl!! Thanks for being a rockstar.


Tell us a little bit about you and your background: I grew up in Boise, then went to Utah State University were I studied interior design. I have worked as an Interior Designer for 10 years and enjoy making spaces beautiful.

What is your favorite part about working at Paperie + Pen? I love meeting new people!

When your are not working, what do you enjoy doing in your free time? Spending time with family! Traveling, reading and spend time with friends.

What are 4 superficial things you can’t live without? 1. my phone, 2. the internet, 3. an ice maker 4. hairdryer

Favorite P+P vendor and why: Rifle. I like the colors, retro feel and flora motifs.

Favorite Restaurant in the Boise Area: Texas Roadhouse (love the rolls)

Favorite Movie: Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth)

Favorite Song/Singer/Band:  I have a lot of favorites….Hmmm song – Find a way to my heart (Phil Collins), singer – Michael Buble…Band – Maroon 5

Favorite Thing(s) to order from Starbucks:  I don’t really go there often…iced lemon pound cake and a strawberry and cream frappuccino

Favorite TV Shows: Castle, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Psych

Favorite Celebrity Crush: Chris Pine, Jensen Ackles, Chris Evans

What is your best on-hand joke? What did the fish say when it swam into a wall? Dam…what did the dam say back? Dumb bass.

Sum yourself up in a hashtag: #alittlenerdy


Product Highlight: Emily Ley Baby Book

This year, I was pregnant with my first child. For anyone who has been pregnant before, you know that basically- it is 9 months of torture, which makes you obsessive. For some, they are obsessed with the nursery. Some are obsessed with naming the child. Some are obsessed with obtaining every possible gadget and doo-dad for the little one.

I, was obsessed with ALL of it! 

With my obsession came documentation. I wanted to document every piece of this experience, the pregnancy, the birth, the baby. Being a wedding photographer, documentation is so important to me- really, it is everything I stand for. So choosing the perfect baby book was imperative.

On my search for this “perfect” baby book- I found cute options that weren’t practical, or worse- practical options that weren’t cute. Most baby books are stitch-bound, so it is impossible to add to them or customize them much.

WELL- weeks after finding a baby book that would ‘work for us’, Emily Ley did it again…(if you have ever owned a Simplied Planner, you know what I am talking about) she released a baby book that really had everything I was looking for! 

– Visually appealing: beautiful, clean design, gold foil on the front and back cover as well as the color coded page tabs, modern but timeless, unisex- so can be bought as a baby gift, or before the gender is determined– and of course it matches the chair in my nursery PERFECTLY.

-Practical: the format is a standard size 3-ring binder, so the pages can be rearranged. I love this, because most baby books’ order isn’t always the way that things happen for your baby. Such as- first haircut page is usually around a year, my baby’s first haircut happened at 9 weeks… with this format, you can put everything in the exact order it happened for your little one. You can also add more pages and it is SIMPLE since you can use a 3-hole punch to add whatever you’d like. So practical. I love keeping everything for my son, but I am a busy mama…so the 3- ring simplifies everything so you can add it to your book right away. 

– High Quality: I guess this can also double dip into the visual appeal- but the pages are thick but not cumbersome and the printing and gold foil is perfection. It is lightweight- yet durable. And the cover has a lamination that can be easily wiped… just in case tiny, sticky fingers might find their way on their heirloom.

When it comes down to it, no child is alike and I think mama EL knows that as much as the rest of us! Her design has so much personality, but so much room to add your own personality and the personality of your little one! The pages included go up to YEAR 5! But with the 3-ring format, you can pack that puppy full of all sorts of “firsts” and photos. 

Bravo again Emily Ley. Bravo.

written by Nichole Schoener

Emily Ley Baby Book and other EL Products available at Paperie + Pen in-store and in our online shop while supplies last. SHOP NOW


Meet the Staff!

Meet the Staff: Whitney!

Meet Whitney—she is the crazy ball of energy that is bound to brighten your day! I know what you are thinking, there is no way one person legitimately has this much energy—we assure you, it is legit. Miss Whit is a bloggin, instagrammin, mama of all trades! Just seeing her cuteness in the mornings just makes me NEED to go shopping!

Tell us a little bit about you and your background: BSU grad. Lived in California for 6 years. Recently moved back with my husband and 18 month old son, Stetson. Love to laugh, have fun, and talk girl talk. 

What is your favorite part about working at Paperie + Pen?  My favorite thing is being up close and personal with so much talent and beautiful stationery. 

When your are not working, what do you enjoy doing in your free time? What free time? It’s Stetsons world and I’m just living in it. But I do like to stay busy, crafty, bake, read, and I am a huge SUN worshiper.

What are 4 superficial things you can’t live without? My phone/ for snapping memories. Straws. Hats

Favorite P+P vendor and why: Moglea. I LOVE the abstract colors and prints they have. I’m huge fan of letterpress and anything made in the USA! #teamamerica

Favorite Restaurant in the Boise Area: I love juniper downtown. Local ingredients and super creative menu. Their kale salad is killer!

Favorite Movie: the Philadelphia story. Huge fan of classic movies and Cary Grant and James Stewart are my favorite of all time. 

Favorite Music: Ellie Golding and Taylor Swift. Girl power and I’m not even sorry about it! 

Favorite Thing(s) to order from Starbucks: unsweetened iced green tea with one stevia (that I carry in my purse…)

Favorite TV Shows: Nashville, American Horror Story and Meet the Goldbergs. 

Favorite Celebrity Crush: David Beckham

What is your best on-hand joke?  your mom

Sum yourself up in a hashtag: #EW!