Meet the Staff: Meiken!

Meet Meiken (pronounced “MY-KIN”)- she is our go-to gal for all the *what’s happenin’s* in the store. She keeps us all on track and is pretty much solely responsible for any part of us that can be considered “organized.”  The answer to almost any question can be: “Ask Meiken”

We love you girl!! Thanks for being a rockstar.


Tell us a little bit about you and your background: I grew up in Boise, then went to Utah State University were I studied interior design. I have worked as an Interior Designer for 10 years and enjoy making spaces beautiful.

What is your favorite part about working at Paperie + Pen? I love meeting new people!

When your are not working, what do you enjoy doing in your free time? Spending time with family! Traveling, reading and spend time with friends.

What are 4 superficial things you can’t live without? 1. my phone, 2. the internet, 3. an ice maker 4. hairdryer

Favorite P+P vendor and why: Rifle. I like the colors, retro feel and flora motifs.

Favorite Restaurant in the Boise Area: Texas Roadhouse (love the rolls)

Favorite Movie: Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth)

Favorite Song/Singer/Band:  I have a lot of favorites….Hmmm song – Find a way to my heart (Phil Collins), singer – Michael Buble…Band – Maroon 5

Favorite Thing(s) to order from Starbucks:  I don’t really go there often…iced lemon pound cake and a strawberry and cream frappuccino

Favorite TV Shows: Castle, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Psych

Favorite Celebrity Crush: Chris Pine, Jensen Ackles, Chris Evans

What is your best on-hand joke? What did the fish say when it swam into a wall? Dam…what did the dam say back? Dumb bass.

Sum yourself up in a hashtag: #alittlenerdy


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