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Our Spring Window Display!

Hopefully by now you have had a chance to check out our bright and fun new window display!? We had such a blast creating this and just LOVE the way it turned out!


Balloons- the shape was cut out of spherical honeycomb party decor (Meri Meri Party). The baskets were made from weaving strips antique gold cardstock into little boxes. They were attached to the honeycomb “balloon” with a chunky cream yarn and hung with a thin string to appear like they are floating.

Bouquet- we have done these flowers for the past few displays we have put together, they are easy-ish but have a pretty sturdy and realistic end result, so we just keep coming back! Hot glue, Carte Fini italian crepe paper (different than regular crepe paper), wire, and hot glue (mixed with HOURS of fun) similar tutorial links: here & here

Cake- the cake was a mix of crepe paper and cardstock, to create a mix of the hard and soft “papery” feel. Topper was designed by us and created by Woodland Manufacturing

Clouds- the clouds were made out of the little cardboard things they put cakes on! We were going to die-cut something out of cardboard, until I found these for like $15 for a box of 100! It was a done deal- a little hot glue and voila! To make them stand up on their own, we cut the circles in quarters and glued them to the back bottom of the clouds to make little stands. It worked perfectly!

Photography/Styling: Ampersand Studios
Invitations/Props: Paperie + Pen
Wood Signage/Cake topper: Woodland Manufacturing
Drink Cart: Target.com


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