Goodbye to our Fairview Location

This week, we said goodbye to an old frienemy. Although we officially closed after the holidays this year, it was time to clear out- forcing us to go through boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes of past invitation samples, old art-school projects and art supplies, and outdated design books. It was a bittersweet farewell, and though not a tear was shed, I think that Frannie and I can both agree that some heart strings were tugged. 

For those of you who are unfamiliar: the previous ‘Paper Express’ had over 10 years of business selling bulk paper and invitation-making supplies to offices and paper-lovers in the Treasure Valley. When the business was forced to close in the summer 2013, we took it as an opportunity to take the next step toward or dream of one day having a storefront for our Custom Wedding Stationery business that we had previously been meeting by appointment only in our private showroom (basement office space- now Soiree Weddings) and online. Frannie and I made a hasty deal with the previous Paper Express owners to then take over the store in a new fashion and a new name, “Paperie + Pen” was born. After only a couple of days of training with Mike of Paper Express, we were totally 100% ready to run a retail store…not. We realized we were probably in way over our heads and figuring it out one step at a time, as we have with every part of our business. After lots of successes and mistakes- we have formed a business model and brand that we can be proud of.

Closing our Fairview store made me realized a lot of truths, mainly that we have a hoarding problem, but more importantly: that I am SO thankful and so humbled everyday to do what I love. I am thankful for my business partner, who really couldn’t be a better fit. I am thankful for our loyal customers, who care about our existence and choose to shop in our store over big-box competitors and online. I am thankful for our employees, our backbone that we trust with our everything and represent the face of our store. I am thankful for hard work paying off so we can have a dream come true that is worth being proud of.

-Nichole Schoener

co-owner, paper-pusher, & fellow stationery-lover


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