True Idahoans are super proud of our dear great state!!! Frannie embodies the total Idahomie mentality, so when she came up with this brilliant idea to take product from the shop and create the outline shape of Idaho, we knew it was going to be so good!

And so good it was!!!

We started by shopping the store. Picking our favorites and leaving no envelope behind.

We then started placing the objets out on the backdrop. With out no rhyme or reason only the the idea of Idaho on our minds, the products started to take form. 

We got super giddy when we took a step back and realized we had done it!

Now we have a huge poster of it hanging up in our shop’s window! If you’re local, come check it out and take pride that you too are a true idahoan!!

We are completely smitten with it! Come on Frannie, Dream up another WINNER!!!!!!


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