Eggsellent DIY

Easter is literally right around the corner, sorry St. Patty, and we have been super busy putting out all our new Easter goods in the store. You guys, LITERALLY, the cutest wittle bunnies you ever did see. We all have baby boys and are stuck giving them white or brown bunnies, but ladies with baby girls, GET IN HERE NOW! They’ll go fast. 

Enough about bunnies, lets talk about your egg game for this Easter. While scouring the isle of Target, we came across these craft eggs and instantly had a light bulb. While the possibilities are endless, we narrowed it down to three things, cactus and pineapples and paints.

Now we know painting eggs can be a commitment of a craft night, but we also know that our Monday nights just opened up now that the bachelor is over. #teambecca You can still get together with your girlfriends and a bottle of wine and let the creativity come to life. We personally love doing these projects with other friends because everybody brings something fresh to the table….and you can steal the really cute ideas for yourself!

Here is a, not so quick, but totally worth it, DIY!

You’ll need:

Paint (assorted colors, and defintely white)

Paint Brushes

Craft Eggs (We found them at Target and Hobby Lobby)

Hot Glue 


First, you’ll want to start painting your eggs. We used a plastic lid and just started squirting colors on it. We chose to work with one mint color and one pink color and one orange color. You can use white or black paint to make the colors darker or lighter, but still keeping it in the same hue family. The paint drys moderately fast and is washable! For the cactus’, you’ll want an assortment of greens. 

While the paint is wet, decide what eggs you want glitter on. For the pineapple, we definitely knew we wanted glitter and for some of the cactus. If you are undecided about the glitter. You can always use a spray adhesive later on to adhere the glitter. This just helped us skip that step. Plus you can never go wrong with to much glitter.

For our “tall” cactus we wanted to stack the eggs. We used toothpicks and poked holes in a top and bottom of an egg. We then hot glued the eggs together for extra support. We found these pom pom toothpicks at hobby lobby and stuck them in the top for the desert flower. 

We used a pen to make little hash marks all over. 

The pineapple was super simple also. we took a gold pen and made half circles all over the egg. Then took the tip of a paintbrush and added polka-dots right under the half circles. We cut the leaf top out of green wasabi tape, then taped it to a toothpick. 

After that, creativity really started to flow. Adding polka-dots was so easy that we wanted to polka everything. Patterns started to form. Our advise, keep is SIMPLE! It’s the easiest and achieves the most cuteness. We have a couple “ick” eggs that didn’t make the cut. 

After painting our eggs, we wanted to display them for everyone. The easiest way was to use the carton they came in, but ew, the brown drab color was really bringing our cute eggs down. While the paint was still out, we quickly painted the cartons. It was super easy and took an extra five, totally worth it, minutes.

With our cute eggs and painted egg cartons, we made cheap stringy easter grass look desirable!

We’ll have more ideas on how to create cute easter baskets leading up to Easter so check back! 

Happy Weekend All!!!!!


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