Tassel Tuesday

One trend that has been around for ages is the tassel. Madonna wore it, your mother tied back her curtains with it, and now it is your turn to revamp it. Anthropologie puts a tassel on just about anything. From Bedsheets, to wallets, pillows and bookmarks. 

Making a tassel is SO super easy too!

You’ll need:

Embroidery Thread


Jump Rings

Slip the jump ring around the thread. You’ll need all the thread to make a great impact.

Next trim the ends.

Pull one or a couple threads loose. You’ll need them to wrap around the top of your tassel. 

Tie a knot and trim up the ends. WA-LA! You are a professional tassel maker

We used a jump ring, because it’s super easy to slide on to a chain necklace, add to your keychain, purse, you name it! Dare we say, wrap your invitations up with a tassel. 

Tassels are so fun and something that is so in right now. It took us longer to boil a pot of water than make a tassel. 

Now we are off to get manicures because based on those photos, we’re in dire need of one. #creativelife


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