12 Awesome gifts handpicked for the most special people… that they’ll actually like.

THE GOLDEN RULE OF GIFT GIVING: A wise man once told me, GIFT others as you would like to be GIFTED.

1. For Mom: Rifle Paper Co. Recipe Boxes. Beautiful tins that come equipped with totes adorbs recipe cards. You could even go the extra mile… steal her old rickety, coffee stained recipe cards and re-write her recipes in beautiful handwritting on the new fresh cards. Just don’t throw away her old, nasty ones! Just in case she blames you for messing up a recipe down the road- or if they are sentimental.

2. For Your Boss: Kate Spade Pens. A gorgeous refillable pen comes packaged in a super pretty lined box complete with one of Kate’s signature sentiments. Is your boss a dude? Don’t worry we have gorgeous Retro 51 pens for him too.

3. For your Tiny Human: If it’s not your own babe, maybe it’s your niece, nephew or a deserving child with Toys for Tots. If you feel like spoiling a little one this Christmas, we have just the friend for them. Our BlaBla dolls are so gorgeous and hand made. We have tons of different friends for your little friend from Sox the Fox, to Collette the Cat and a bunch of wonderful creatures in between like unicorns and mermaids. We’re pretty sure they’re magical.

4. For your Sister: Make sure she never forgets your lunch and shopping dates again by giving her a stunning Emily Ley Simplified Planner that makes it fun and stylish to stay organized.

5. For your BFF: Ban.do Twist Scarves are the MOST FUN accessorie… LIKE EVER! We have several different color-ways and patterns to twist on your head. They work great with any hair length and so many different styles. Pair with our awesome book about braids and hair-dos for a cool gift package.

6. For your Man: Does he still try and try to hang that ugly man cave signage amongst your perfectly curated home decor? Beer signs or neon lights? NO WAY! How bout a gorgeous compromise with our REDCRUISER beer and food pairings art print sets. Plus if he’s just not sure what kind of beer goes best with pizza or tacos he’ll have a guide to help him out.

7. For yourself: A totally cute insulated tumbler that reminds everyone to NEVER speak to you before you finish your morning brew. Plus a reminder-to-self that it’s okay to sit back and enjoy your Joe before tackling that email inbox.

8. For the Bacon-lover, AKA everyone in life: All of Emily McDowell’s home goods and totes make perfect gifts, but this one is sure to please. It’s even a great gift exchange item. Her kitchen towels feel like heaven too. If at first you don’t succeed, try try bacon.

9. For your Mother-in-Law: What the heck do you get her? Well, the One Line a Day Journals are our NUMBER 1 BEST SELLING GIFT ITEM. this year we stocked up on them big time but they are already flying out the door. Everyone loves the idea of keeping a journal or diary, but can I get an “AMEN” for those entries that start out, “Dear Diary, It’s been a long time since my last entry…. I’ll try to be better.” Well, the One-Line-A-Day makes it so much easier to commit to keeping up. You only have to write a few sentances. What was the most important thing that happened that day or a thought or whatever. Just write one note on each pre-dated page and fill in the year. After 5 years, you’ll get to see what you wrote on that day each year. It’s a great gift and we even have several different designs to choose from.

10. For the Fashionista: This Garance Dore wall calendar is large and in charge. It makes a gorgeous statement on the wall and serves as a piece of art featuring beautiful hand drawn fashion illustrations with a little underlying humor. It seconds as a calendar.

11. For the Do-Gooder: Who doesn’t love a gift that gives back? Our 31Bits jewelry supports women in Africa who make these gorgeous beads out of 100% recycled paper! OMG one of our favorite product lines in the whole store.

12. For Your Dad, the Bearded Wonder: You know you know one. Does he call Idahome? There couldn’t be a better gift for him. We have this T-shirt in all sizes up to XXL. Wear Boise’s “Put a Beard on It” design also comes on a hoodie and a beer koozie.


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